Timber Buildings Do Best – Modern Log Cabins


Used for centuries in various countries around the world, but especially Northern Europe and Northern America, log cabin construction has been used in buildings of many types throughout history. Timber is one of the oldest and most trusted construction materials around, and it is also an entirely Renewable Natural Resource. In today’s construction market, where there is such focus on sustainability, it is only fitting that the log cabin should be brought up to date to meet current needs whilst retaining all the benefits of this old construction style.

Old benefits of traditional log building;

  • Sustainable timbers from renewable forestry
  • Timber is a natural product providing healthy living/learning environment
  • High levels of in-built natural insulation helping keep the building warm in winter and cool in summer
  • Low maintenance inside and out
  • Economical build system
  • Rapid construction
  • Ability to regulate humidity and non-retention of electro-static charge. This is proven to offer health benefits particularly to allergy sufferers.
  • That wonderful smell and feel of wood

For these reasons and many more, the log cabin has been a popular choice for self build homes throughout the centuries and the reason why timber has been such a major part of construction for so many different purposes. Even today it is the only truly Natural, Renewable and Proven construction material. The science behind the benefits of wood have led to greater use of timber: architectural design through use of glulam beams and a variety of different timber species such as Siberian Larch and Western Red Cedar cladding materials.

New Benefits of Modern log building;

  • Choice of external cladding types to blend in with the environment and protect the structural log to ensure even greater longevity.
  • High levels of insulation: in excess of current UK Building Regulation Standards, ensuring minimal loss of energy. This allows the log building to be used for a far wider range of commercial purposes including Schools and Nurseries.
  • Variety of roof finishes to suit purpose of the building including sedum for those who want all the advantages of a green timber building
  • Streamlined edges/finishing details bring the appearance up to date
  • Modern pre finished, double glazed windows and doors to ensure energy efficiency
  • Energy efficient heating/lighting systems with renewable options
  • Opportunity for high level natural lighting through roof lights and sun tunnels or even split roof designs to maximise natural daylight and minimise energy use.
  • Precision engineered timbers providing all the advantages of a modern method of construction and reducing construction time further.
  • Arrival on site in packs which enables construction even on sites with restricted access.
  • Potential for Zero Carbon or Carbon Positive status during use ie can produce more energy using a solar array on the roof than the building actually needs to heat/light it.

With so many clear advantages to having a solid timber building or a modern log cabin – why are so many people still using brick and block. I could only find one reason:

Disadvantages of traditional log building construction;

Chopping down and cutting timbers yourself! Naturally there is no need for this any more, just call a log cabin or timber building specialist who will organise everything for you.