Plan To Build The Yuuuge Wall On Time And Under Budget


Apparently, the OMB – Federal Office of Management and Budget has estimated the cost of the Huge Border Wall that President Trump has promised us will cost over $21 and a half Billion to construct (Cite 1). President Trump during his campaign told us that the border wall would cost between $8 and $10 Billion. Of course, Trump’s critics in the media and other side of the political spectrum, which are numerous, say that the OMB estimated too low and Trump’s estimated costs are absurd. Still, anyone that has read about Trump’s legendary negotiation prowess or followed his entrepreneurial exploits in building big things should know that he definitely knows more than anyone in government on building things early and on or below budget (Cite 2,3).

One way to make this happen is to cut down on labor costs – how so you ask? Simple, have prison labor build the wall as part of their payment back to society for their crimes. It just so happens that 15% (cite 4) of the inmates in Arizona’s Prisons are undocumented aliens (illegal aliens). Why not allow them the choice to build the wall and do hard labor and reduce their sentences by 75%, so if they have a prison term for 8-years, they can help build the wall and be freed in 2-years. And once the wall is built, and the last brick is laid, they merely stand on the other side of the wall and are free to go.

Of course, there has to be a few caveats to this. First, to keep them from escaping and coming back into our country, they have to agree to have a small notch taken out of their ears, similar to how we deal with feral cats which have been neutered or spayed. This “V-shaped” notch would be very small just over a quarter inch deep. If anyone attempts to come over our borders with a notched ear will not be let in to the country, anyone found in our country with a notched ear will be stopped for DNA sample and if identified as a former deported felon will be re-incarcerated for the next Big Project. Everyone will know the consequences for re-offenders.

This program and use of prison labor of illegal aliens will be fully optional, and if those incarcerated don’t want to participate, they don’t have to, it’s just an opportunity for them to get out of prison early, which will help them and the US Taxpayer paying for their incarceration costs. These illegal aliens will eventually return back to their old homes and tell everyone how big the wall is and warn others not to try to illegally immigrate into The United States of America. Think on this.


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