How to Build a Wrestling Ring



People of all ages enjoy watching wrestling for all the excitement, the action and drama that it brings. Bodies flying across the ring, the dialogue, the moves all make up and add to the fun of watching wrestling on television. For those who are aspiring to have their own wrestling ring at home here are clear and concise steps on how to build a wrestling ring.

Step One: Pick a Good Location and Figure Out Measurements

The first thing to figure out when learning how to build a ring is to find a suitable spot where one can start construction. Ideally, the wrestling ring should be outdoors, placed on a spacious backyard unless there is sufficient room indoors where valuables aren’t in the way. The location of the ring should be a flat surface with no sharp objects nearby to prevent someone from getting hurt. How big the ring will be will also depend on how much space one has in the desired location. It’s a good idea at this point to get a measuring tape and measure the possible construction site of the wrestling ring.

Step Two: Go to the Hardware Store to Buy Goods

The two things one primarily needs when learning how to build a wrestling ring is 2 inch foam and plywood. These items serve as the base of the ring. Once at the hardware, it’s also a good idea to grab poles, hooks and bungee ropes for the frame of the wrestling ring. The foam can be more than 2 inches thick, in fact, the thicker the better, but it cannot definitely be less than 2 inches otherwise one risks injury.

Step Three: Make the Center of the Ring

The third step in learning how to build a wrestling ring is to start with the center part, or where the action normally takes place. Cut the foam to fit the size of the area where the ring will be constructed and sew water proof material on it. A sewing machine is handy at this point although it can also be done by hand, albeit it would take much longer. Once the foam is ready, cut the plywood the same size as the covered foam and this will serve as the base of the cushion. To keep it stationary, one can either glue the foam to the board or use elastic bands to make sure it remains steady.

Step Four: Make the Frame

The last and final step in learning how to build a wrestling ring is to dig a hole for the corner posts, cover it in foam, attach hooks to it and make a frame for it using the bungee ropes.